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There is approximately a 6-month waiting list to be seen at The Kids Clinic. However, we do maintain a cancellation list in which we can likely accommodate you sooner if you are flexible with your schedule. Please advise the clinic directly if you wish to be on a cancellation list.
Patients are responsible for providing The Kids Clinic 48 hours cancellation notice for any type of appointment. If appointments are cancelled with less than 48 hours this may be subject to a fee which is determined by the clinic.
Missing an appointment is not tolerated at The Kids Clinic. Our physicians and assistants time is extremely valuable as it can be utilized for a patient who is waiting and willing to attend their appointment. Therefore a missed appointment will be subject to a fee which is determined by the clinic. No future appointments will be scheduled until this fee is paid.
It is best to never leave the clinic without scheduling your next appointment unless instructed otherwise. Due to a high volume of patients, your desired date and time may not always be available, your flexibility is appreciated. Patients on medication require close monitoring and follow-up and therefore are responsible for keeping their scheduled appointments within their prescription allowance time.
It is our practice to follow-up with our patients in person between the times the prescription was provided for. Therefore there is no need for prescription renewals by phone. However, in the rare instance that appointments are rescheduled and you will run out of your prescription the doctor will renew the prescription, but only until the next scheduled appointment. The patient/parent is responsible for providing the clinic notice of a need for a prescription renewal 2 weeks prior to running out of medication to ensure the doctor can take care of this request. Last minute requests are not tolerated as the doctor is not always here to fulfill the request.
The Kids Clinic has a high volume of patients, and therefore we do our best to accommodate our patients in a timely manner, unfortunately there are days where the physicians or assistants run behind and your patience is appreciated. Each appointment may be scheduled for different reasons or with different staff, and therefore timing of appointments may vary.